Georgia Fields – Jackie Winter Gardens Residency Application 2018

I am currently writing new songs for my forthcoming third album, tentatively titled Hiraeth – a Welsh word with no direct English translation, meaning ‘a deep longing for a land you cannot return to, because it no longer exists’. This concept struck deep to my core last year as I navigated the uncharted waters of early motherhood while caring for my father who has terminal cancer. At the time of submission, I have six complete songs flagged for inclusion on the album. I wish to use this residency to continue songwriting and finish an additional six songs by September 2018, then select the strongest 10-12 songs from this folio for inclusion on the final album track list.

Selected 'Hiraeth' Album Demos:

Shopping mall air con breathes down my neck
I push the pram in circles and try to forget
Why I came here at all; to escape the heat
Her pink limbs are flailing and fighting off sleep

I lean over a rail and stare three floors down and think
Would I die, or just be broken?

I want to sleep for a hundred years

I think back to my room in that old share house
From the steps I could watch the first stars coming out
My wine glass half full and plates in the sink
I had the whole world before me, I could be anything

With a window to look through and a door to close
Now a deep Hiraeth settles into my bones

I want to sleep for a hundred years

Magpie call curdles milky dawn
Her downy head in the crook of my arm
A perfect pink mouth pulls hard at my breast
My darling, you could drink me 'til there's nothing left

When all the broken pieces, they catch the light
I am filled with a most Holy Love

And I want to sleep for a hundred years
With you in my arms
I want to sleep for a hundred years


Two suns in one sky
Twin stars intertwined
And I never thought I'd see such wonders
I never thought I'd see such wonders

Two hearts in one skin
Two drums beat within
And I never thought I'd feel such wonders
I never thought I'd feel such wonders


He said that he'd be there when the bandages came off
To hold my scars and that buckled skin
Oh, the bright room with nervous neon lights
I waited for hours there by the magazines

What did you expect, you silly girl
Why would he come back
When the fire went out ages ago

Three days, no car in the driveway; no boots upon the path
My wounds and my weeping washed out the last of love
Oh, the quiet house with silent souvenirs
I confiscated the mirrors; couldn't look me in the eye

And could you really blame him
Wouldn't you do the same?
If the fire went out ages ago

One Autumn night, I recall he read me poems of Keats:
"Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty", and that is all you need
Oh, Irony wicked; the sting of dead desire
He's somewhere eating his words now, my flesh too much for his eyes

So you know what I did, you stupid boy
Do you know what I did?
I emptied our house into the yard
Struck a redhead spark

And the fire went
And the fire went
Now that fire went out ages ago

Selected Previous Works:

You open me up like one of your oranges
You rub at the pith,
Digging your fingers in
And oh, I declare:
What a wonderful way to be devoured
By you and your beautiful mouth

At times I fear what you might find inside of me
Still I crumble like soft cheese
Under your butter knife
And oh, I am but
A cumulus cloud in your firmament:
Afloat, adrift in blues

All that came before
Were just movie scenes in black and white
Now I see in Technicolor
For flesh and seeds agape
I am your Open Orange


Fingers in latches
A vision hatches
Under an eggshell moon
Inside a gastral cocoon

Clear as a crystal
Straight as a pistol
I'm coming through that flesh
The Beast will not digest

I am the Hood and the Hunter

Teeth crash like mountains
Spring crimson fountains
I stain my cape
As I make my escape

And from the slaughter
A wolven daughter
With tooth and claw
Tears a daylight door

I am the Hood and the Hunter


Oh what a fool am I?
To think that I could fight
The Laws Imperial
Our Fates Ethereal

I tried to lay my claim
Played territory games
Inside your catacomb
Laboured to build a home

And oh, I push that rock and it rolls
I push that rock and it rolls
Back to the bottom

A serpent eats his tail
A Sisyphean Grail
I do my best, but then
Back to the start again

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Press quotes:

Plain-speaking love songs swelling with strings to make George Martin weep... Irrepressible pop. ★★★★
— The Sydney Morning Herald
The evocative songstress paints entire worlds with her tunes... [and] the Andromeda String Quartet give the songs a distinctly epic vibe.
— Frankie Magazine
There is something wonderfully experimental about the way in which Georgia and her musical cohorts jettison a song into the creative stratosphere.
— Beat Magazine, Melbourne
A great talent.
— Paul Gough, Australian music presenter (ABC Radio; 2ser)
It’s in poised vocal and muscular percussion where Fields is in her element – when she’s off the leash yet achieving the balance of melancholy.
— Rhythms Magazine
Fields has got one of those voices that just rings true... Even as you sing along, charmed.
— The Courier Mail, Brisbane