"I am the Hood and the Hunter" - YOUR CHANCE TO BE IN GEORGIA’S MUSIC VIDEO!

Georgia Fields is inviting women of all ages and backgrounds to take part in the music video for her new single ‘Hood and The Hunter’, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rohan Spong.

For this video, we want to involve a wild and wonderful group of women in a female-positive music project, and celebrate a diverse expression of womanhood.

No experience is necessary – you could be an old pro, or an absolute beginner. No matter your age or background, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a music video, and you identify as female, WE WANT YOU!

What’s in it for you?

We will provide: light snacks, instructions, coaching for the camera, and a hood-like headpiece for your costume. You can wear whatever makes you feel good and/or expresses your unique style.

Your performance will be featured in the official music video, plus we will include a photo and short blurb about you on the website.

Why are we embarking on this crazy caper?

‘Hood and the Hunter’, produced by Tim Shiel, will be the first single from Georgia Fields’ forthcoming sophomore album. The song is a re-telling of the original Red Riding Hood fable. We’re all pretty familiar with the Huntsman who appears at the end of the story to save the dames, right? Well, in old versions dating back to 10th Century France, Little Red claws her own way out of the live Wolf’s belly – performing the role of both innocent girl andbrutal huntress. 

Georgia was inspired to re-imagine the fable in a modern context.  As women, we are often sold the story that we can only be one thing at a time. Young orwise. Old or sexy. Artist or business person. Scientist or spiritual. Hood or Hunter. 

Sometimes we feel frustrated, for lack of room to stretch out wide. 
Sometimes we feel like an important part of ourselves is kept invisible.
Sometimes we want to bust out of that Wolf’s belly with our bare fingernails! 

The details:

Thanks to support from the Arts Participation Incubator at Deakin University, we are filming! 

South-side group shoot:
Saturday 17 May
12pm - 4pm
Location advised by email

North-side group shoot:
Sunday 18 May
12pm - 4pm
Location advised by email

(Bear in mind we will need each participant for 30-45 minutes - exact call times will be confirmed by email.)

Are you in?

Send an email to georgiafieldsmusic@gmail.com, and we’ll send you the rest! 

Note: Girls under 18 are welcome to participate - we just need to confirm that you have permission from your parents or guardian, and you should come with an adult on the day. Let us know if you are under-18 in your email. Parents/guardians are welcome to contact us directly for more information.

Illustration by the illustrious Lily Mae Martin